Food Processors of Canada is the business association supporting executives who lead food processing companies in Canada

FPC is a community of like-minded people who expect:

• Leading edge counsel on confidential matters;
• Practical management of the issues facing business;
• Proactive leadership.

Your voice in Ottawa.


Food Processors of Canada was created in 1949 as the Canadian Food Processors Association (CFPA) and merged with the Canadian Frozen Food Association (CFFA) to become the Food Institute of Canada (FIC) in 1989. The Food Institute was the strategic response to expected changes that would come with globalization.

As expected, the domestic food processing industry began change shape with many multinationals moving decision-making and production south.

However Canadian and European investors filled the void and in 2002 the organization was renamed Food Processors of Canada to better reflect the Canadian reality.

Always supporting our investors.


FPC is driven by need, and not by consensus, which means it can act decisively when an issue arises.

The Association is a single-minded advocate advancing fact-based solutions to problems facing members and groups of members.

It also plays a challenge function: when ministers and bureaucrats make bad decisions, FPC will make itself heard.

Best leadership in the business.


Investors like the Association’s skilled defence against threats to individual firms, clusters and the industry. And they appreciate the Association’s advocacy to the level the playing field with competing nations by:

• Promoting the right regulations and levels of enforcement
• Advocating policies and programs that support competitiveness
• Lobbying for predictable access: access to markets and access to competitively priced inputs.

Performance not promises.